Alba 3 SCART to 1 SCART Selector 

This 3-in-1 Alba Scart Selector allows you to connect multiple video sources, such as DVD players and digital boxes to a single scart connection on your television. You will no longer need to unplug your DVD if you want to use your digital box. Gives you additional scart inputs so you can use more scart devices with your TV.
>3 inputs.
>Manual switching.
Bush 4-Way SCART Selector 

This 4-way switchable SCART block is ideal for running multiple appliances through your television. Connect your games console, DVD player and other media devices into this simple and easy to use SCART block.
>4 inputs.
>Manual switching.
>Integrated SCART lead.
Alba Manual 2-Way HDMI Selector 

The Alba Manual 2-Way HDMI Selector caters for a range of your HDMI connectivity needs. Perfect addition to any home entertainment system!
>2 inputs.
>Manual switching.
>Transmits in high definition 1080p quality.